Useful Android Applications You Must Have

Smartphones are used for making life easier. Sometimes they’re used for fun, for business, for daily arrangements,  or for another things according to your necessities.

Kies Air (for Samsung)

Kies AirIf you don’t have connection cable between computer and your phone, Kies Air is the best  application for synchronisation if you use a Samsung smartphone. Connect the phone to the same wireless network with the computer you want to use, open Kies Air, and type the address and port number at browser on your computer. Kies interface will become visible in a short time at your browser.


Color NoteColorNote is great for notes. There are 2 ways of taking notes: checklist or text notes… Checklist notes are really useful for daily activities. Simple pressing the item, it becomes signed done with a line.



issuuThink about reaching all magazines all over the world for free. Yes, issuu makes it possible for you to do that! Lots of magazines in every kind are included such as technology, art, lifestyle, design, fitness, etc. Also you can publish any magazine if you are interested about it.

Adobe Reader

Necessary application for you to see PDF files. A lot of documents are saved as PDF format.

Days Left Widget

Days Left WidgetA day-counter widget for your desktop. If you want to alwasy temember for a birthday, exam date or last-day of anything you should use this android application.


Team Viewer ApplicationThis application may not be useful for you. But if you want to use your computer while you’re outside, you have no any other successful solution. Especially by logging in with an account is  a really good reaction. If you want to use only once this application or each time you want to use your computer, you have to enter a unique number to your application before connecting.

Android Weather

Android Weather WidgetThis application informs you about weather at your location thanks to GPS and internet. Also it gives you 6-day period weather report and warns if the weather goes bad. Also it has a great widget that includes wind speed, battery level, clock and of course tempreture.

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