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The New iPad

Oops… New iPad’s name is neither iPad3 nor iPad HD. It’s simply “The New iPad“. I wrote an article about this. Everyone has an idea about iPad but no one achieved. How much does it cost? The New iPad’s price starts from 499$.

Cheap and Mini iPad

World’s fastest growing technology company, Apple, is preparing a new iPad version. It is supposed to be cheap, reduced in size and limited specifications. Details comes from the companies that work with Apple from South Korea, China and Taiwan. Apple has not changed iPad’s screen size yet. During 2 years, screen size is still 9.7

Girls Around Me Pulled From App Store

I introduced you this strange application at this article: Girls Around Me. But creator of this application, Moscow based i-Free Innovations, pulled this application from Apple‘s App Store. Girls Around Me application has been getting a big reaction for a few days. Beside this, Foursquare banned this application to use their data according to users’

Girls Around Me

With GPS technology, our life becomes more and more interesting. We use GPS more common in our life to find our road way. Here is another interesting application. If you look for a good place for a night out, where the pretty girls and boys are, how to meet someone around you there is an

Old Computer Advertisements

To be Suggesso, I don’t know why I do like nostalgia, but I sometimes wonder old models of our modern life’s indispensable tools. Now, here is old computers ads. Old lookings of today’s computers’ have always been interesting to me. But especially 1998 and 1999’s are different than the others. I met the computers at

Nostalgic Restart Site: The Restart Page

Let’s make some nostalgia. Do you still remember your old computer’s boot operations from POST screen to your desktop? I discovered a good site to remind us most used operating system’s forgotten restart process. Of course it’s just a simulation. Do not expect this site to restart your computer.