Sexy Advertisements From PC’s First Time

Sexy Girls on AdvertisementsThere are a lot of sales strategies that make a product more confident. One of them is, as everyone knows, “sex sells” strategy. Its meaning is to make something best seller, you can use the easiest way: sexuality.

We are used to this strategy especially on automobile and motorcycle advertisements. Beautiful and hot girls presents the products. I don’t know if you pay attention the product in this situation but it makes the product more attractive.

This strategy was also used in some advertisements on computer world.

Sexy Modem Advertisement

Sexy Modem Advertisement
With "maybe even sexy" slogan, this advertisement had tried to sell a modem. Published in 1971 from Penril.

 Sexy Microcomputer Advertisement

Two Bytes are Better - Sexy Microcomputer Advertisement
To sell its microcomputer, Technico Inc. had published this advertisement in 1978. As the previous advertisement, Technico Inc. uses sex appeal and thanks to their 16 bit microcomputer, they use this funny slogan: "Two bytes are better than one" Because 16 bits equals to 2 Bytes.

 Sexy Advertisement From Elvira

Sexy advertisement from film character Elvira
In 1991, sexy film character Elvira had cut off old ways of doing things with chainsaw consist of an old desktop computer.



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