Secret Codes of Mobile Phones

Lots of mobile phones have secret codes. Some of them are special for some models but others special for all phones. Here is the list of secret codes…

How to learn IMEI number?

It’s a common code almost all phones. It is useful if your mobile phone gets lost or stolen.


How to show private service menu on Sony-Ericsson?

You can show an extra menu which is visible only to technician.

> * < < * < *


By applying this code you shoul see a menu like below:

  • Service info
  • Service settings
  • Service tests
  • Text labels
  • Discharge flash

How to learn software version and reset Samsung phones?

You can get software version according to phone model.

*#9999*, *#9999#, *1234#, *#1234# or *#1234*

With the code below, you can get software version either, H/W test, locking status, SIM card and manufacturer informations.


Here is another code… With the code below, you can apply full-reset to your Samsung phone.


How to see Nokia guarantee menu?

You can learn with the below code when your mobile phone manufactured and sold. But please pay attention, after using this code you should turn off and then turn on your mobile phone.


How to get product serial number for Nokia?

You should know another code for Nokia phones. It shows an special serial number additionally.


How to reset internet connectivity for Nokia?

If you want, you can delete all settings you made for mobile internet.


Please pay attention, after this code you will be asked to enter security code.

How to get Bluetooth hardware number (MAC address) for Nokia?

By connecting your phone to another devices, such as notebook, you need bluetooth hardware number.


How to get WLAN MAC address for Nokia?

With the code below, you can see the WLAN hardware number.


How to reset Nokia phones?

You can apply a full-reset to your Nokia phone.


How to turn on EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) for Nokia?

A kind of sound compressing standard, EFR, provides a better communication. But of course, if you turn on this option, battery usage increases. To turn on this option:


… and to turn off this option:


How to get service information for Siemens phones?

As almost all phones, we use the code below to see the IMEI:


At this time, by pressing soft key on the left, phone displays software version. If you press more and more, you will get more information about your Siemens phone.

If your SIM card supports “SIM Clock Stop Modus” your battery may be longlife. If it is turned on, the processor on the card get itself into sleep mode and this provide us more battery life. The code is below:


How to delete all diverts?

You can delete all diverts with the code below. Target numbers will be disappeared.


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