Old Computer Advertisements

To be Suggesso, I don’t know why I do like nostalgia, but I sometimes wonder old models of our modern life’s indispensable tools. Now, here is old computers ads. Old lookings of today’s computers’ have always been interesting to me. But especially 1998 and 1999’s are different than the others. I met the computers at

Flying Girl: Natsumi Hayashi

Teenager Photographer Natsumi Hayashi, whose photos are really strange, lives in Tokyo. Everyone who looks photographs thinks that she’s really flying. She loves levitation on photographs. This extraordinary idea makes her popular on earth, especially in Japan. For each photo Natsumi Hayashi jumps, but to achieve the best one, she does it lots of times.

Nostalgic Restart Site: The Restart Page

Let’s make some nostalgia. Do you still remember your old computer’s boot operations from POST screen to your desktop? I discovered a good site to remind us most used operating system’s forgotten restart process. Of course it’s just a simulation. Do not expect this site to restart your computer.

Bring My Windows Start Menu Back!

With Windows 8, we say “Good bye” to Windows Start Menu. But if you’re not ready to leave this menu yet, say “Hello!” to Stardock’s Start8. With Start8 application, you can place your start menu at the left and bottom on your screen, as we used to. How to bring Windows Start Menu back for

A Short Start…

Hi everybody! Almost 2 years, I think writing something that may be valuable for you. I have some blogs in my language but, you know, a blogger always wants more and more visitors (or followers). That’s why I created this blog and I prefer English. This blog will contain interesting articles. I will try to