Old Computer Advertisements

To be Suggesso, I don’t know why I do like nostalgia, but I sometimes wonder old models of our modern life’s indispensable tools. Now, here is old computers ads.

Old lookings of today’s computers’ have always been interesting to me. But especially 1998 and 1999’s are different than the others. I met the computers at these years and their passion makes my life change. That’s why, one day I will publish their advertisements, too.

At Old Computers, I found a good collection of old computer advertisements. I don’t want to get all content of this website but beside this, I hope this site never disappears! That’s why, I decided to take the advertisements that I like more than others. For more of old computer advertisements, please visit that siste. They endeavored very much. By the way, did you care, this site’s design is awful!

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