MKV Sound Problem on LG Televisions

One of the biggest LCD and LED producer all around the world, LG, has senseless support problem on Matroska videos. If you decide to download a movie from somewhere, you have to wait several hours according to filesize. After that, there would be a surprise. In general, MKV files have big filesize because people choose this format for high quality. But when you want to watch it on your LG Television, sometimes sound problems occures.

How to Fix MKV Sound Problem on LG TV?

To fix the MKV sound problem on LG TV, you need a program to convert your downloaded or original MKV file.

I prefer Bigasoft’s Total Video Converter for this process. It is easy to use and successfull in every kind of converting. See the image below.

Bigasoft Total Video Converter is for every kind of converting processes.
Bigasoft Total Video Converter is for every kind of converting processes.

Please pay attention on the red bordered areas. First of all, you must add your MKV file. After that, click “Setting…” button.

On the right side of program screen, you should choose Audio Codec to ac3. It is the most important thing to hear sound on your LG TV. After that, if you dont mind the filesize of MKV file, I suggest you to select highest values according to your original MKV file.

The video size, 1280 x 720 pixels resolutions means 720p, described as HD. For enjoyale moments, you should watch at least HD films on LCD, LED or Plasma TVs.

According to filesize and your choices, converting process time might be long.

What is MKV?

MKV is a file format describing a kind of multimedia container. It may have several files in it such as video, more audio choices and subtitles.

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