Learn Language Online: Livemocha

LivemochaLots of people want to learn foreign language but the time stands in front of them as an obstacle. This issue makes people look for various solutions. One of these solutions is online courses.

Online courses are really good way to learn language but almost all of them have the same problem: communication…

With the site that I will try to introduce is different than the others. Thanks to Livemocha, learning foreign language is really funny and interactive. People whose language is their native language help you to learn that language.

Livemocha Course Scene

First of all, you attend a course. After that Livemocha teaches you this language from basic to professional. After every unit, you have a chance to make some exercises such as filling in the blanks, tests, writing and speaking exercises.

Livemocha shows its difference on writing and speaking exercises. After completing your exercises, other members checks your answers and pronunciation. Thanks to these replies, you try to correct your answers and ask whatever question you want to these members.

Livemocha also gives you some social media options. For example, you can add other members as friends.

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