Installing Tensorflow on Ubuntu with Anaconda

Tensorflow is a great framework for image and video processing. Some applications of Tensorflow has to be run on Ubuntu. Unfortunately, I cannot make it happen to some applications run under Windows system.

First of all, activate the source we wil make install on.

source activate py2.7

and then type this:

conda install -c conda-forge tensorflow

After this command, they will be installed from conda-forge repo:

backports: 1.0-py27_1 conda-forge
backports.weakref: 1.0rc1-py27_1 conda-forge
bleach: 1.5.0-py27_0 conda-forge
funcsigs: 1.0.2-py_2 conda-forge
html5lib: 0.9999999-py27_0 conda-forge
intel-openmp: 2018.0.0-h15fc484_7 
markdown: 2.6.9-py27_0 conda-forge
mkl: 2018.0.0-hb491cac_4 
mock: 2.0.0-py27_0 conda-forge
numpy: 1.13.3-py27hbcc08e0_0 
pbr: 3.1.1-py27_0 conda-forge
protobuf: 3.3.2-py27_0 conda-forge
six: 1.11.0-py27_1 conda-forge
tensorflow: 1.3.0-py27_0 conda-forge
webencodings: 0.5-py27_0 conda-forge
werkzeug: 0.12.2-py_1 conda-forge

It’s good to install them on py3.5 environment also.

source activate py3.5

and then:

conda install -c conda-forge tensorflow

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