How to Change Galaxy Gio Ringtone and Notification Tone?

Samsung Galaxy Gio RingtoneWe call touchscreen phones as “smartphones” but unfortunately some basic instructions are difficult and pointless. I had some problems on making an MP3 file as my ringtone but I cannot do that without getting help from Google search results.

I’m sure that on your old phones, when you go to the MP3 file you always see “set as ringtone” or another text serving this file to be set as ringtone.

How to set ringtone of Galaxy Gio?

Go to music player, select the MP3 file that you want to set as ringtone and press a while on the file. A menu will be appeared. On this menu, select “Set as ringtone”. Mission completed.

How to set notification tone of Galaxy Gio?

Changing notification tone is more absurd that setting ringtone. To do this, we have to create folders, move the MP3 file we want to set, etc. Let’s go to first step.

  • First of all, go to sdcard directory.
  • Tap on media directory.
  • Create a folder called Audio under media directory.
  • Create a folder called Notifications under Audio directory.
  • Copy/paste or move your MP3 file to the directory that you created last: /sdcard/media/audio/notifications/

This is the necessary operations to make MP3 file visible for Galaxy Gio.

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Sound
  • Go to Notifications
  • From this list, you can select the MP3 file you copied under notifications directory.

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