Google Drive: Cloud Storage Service

Google announced its cloud storage service officially. From now on, there’s a powerful opponent in front of DropboxMicrosoft SkyDrive and Box.

With unpaid service of Google Drive, you get 5GB online storage area. If you want more area, by paying 2.49$ for month, you get 25GB storage area. There are more storage types on Google Drive.

  • 5GB: Free
  • 25GB: 2.49$ / Month
  • 100GB: 4.99$ /Month
  • 1TB: 49.99$ / Month
  • 16TB: 799.99$ / Month

If you buy any storage area from Google Drive, you will be awarded with 25GB Gmail storage area.

Google Drive is integrated with Google’s online office service Google Docs. Also Google published a new application which is special for smartphones to use Google Drive and iOS application is in progress. Google is planning to allow 3rd party softwares to run with its cloud storage system, Google Drive.

You can use this service at But system will be published part by part. That’s why you may want to be informed by e-mail when the service is completely activated.

Thanks to Google Drive’s opening, Gmail users are awarded with 10GB storage area instead of 7.5GB. This changeness will be visible within 24 hours. After that, as we used to, our storage area will be continuing to increase.

Comparison of Cloud Storage Services

You can access to all of these cloud storage services via web. With all of them, you can share your files to everyone or if you want you can share privately.

The biggest free storage area provided by SkyDrive.

Free Cloud Storage Areas

  • SkyDrive: 7GB (for existing users, 25GB temporarily)
  • Google Drive: 5GB
  • Box: 5GB
  • Dropbox: 2GB (for every invited user, 500MB more space)

Minimum Cost of Premium Service

From most economical to expensive:

  • Google Drive: 2.49$/month for 25GB (0.09$ per GB)
  • Dropbox: 9.99$/month for 50GB (0.19$ per GB)
  • Box: 9.99$/month for 25GB (0.39$ per GB)
  • SkyDrive: 10$/month for 20GB (0.5$ per GB)

Maximum Cost of Premimum Service

From most economical to expensive:

  • Google Drive: 799.99$/month for 16TB (0,05$ per GB)
  • Dropbox: 19.99$/month for 100GB (0,19$ per GB)
  • Box: 19.99$/month for 50GB (0,39$ per GB)
  • SkyDrive: 50$/month for 100GB (0,5$ per GB)

Maximum File Size

  • Google Drive: 10GB
  • SkyDrive: 2GB
  • DropBox: 2GB
  • Box: 100MB

Windows and Mac Application

All of these cloud storage services have Windows and Mac applications. But Box provides applications only for corporate purposes.

Android Application

Google Drive, Microsoft Dropbox and Box have Android applications. SkyDrive has no Android support but Microsoft says that service works with OneNote and there are several 3rd party applications.

Windows Phone Application

Google Drive, DropBox and Box have no Windows Phone applications but SkyDrive, as expected, has Windows Phone application.

Collaborative Document Editing

Google Drive and SkyDrive allow you to work on the same file at the same time. Box gives us this service with an application, Box Apps. But there’s no collaborative document editing on DropBox.

3rd Party Applications Integration

All of these cloud storage services supports 3rd party applications. But SkyDrive only supports Windows applications.


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