Girls Around Me

With GPS technology, our life becomes more and more interesting. We use GPS more common in our life to find our road way.

Here is another interesting application. If you look for a good place for a night out, where the pretty girls and boys are, how to meet someone around you there is an application that meets all of your necessities. But as you can imagine, this application mostly based on finding girls.

Girls Around Me application scans your surroundings and finds out who is hanging out. You can browse photos and tap their photos to get detailed information. To use this application more comfortable you must have Foursquare access.

Screenshot of Girls Around Me

Why Girls Around Me Needs Foursquare?

Girls Around Me uses Foursquare to get event and check-in information. But Foursquare uses this information for only their registered users. That’s why you must have an Foursquare account.

Any Problem About Finding Your Location? Check This…

If Girls Around Me application cannot find your location, you must check the settings of your phone.

For iPhone go Settings / Geolocation and enable Geolocation. After that Girls Around Me application must be in the list of applications that allowed to access Geolocation.

For Android phones go Settings / Location and Security. Then enable location services.

Don’t forget, you have to have enough Energy to make a search. If you wait for a while or following the instruction that appears when tapping on Energy Meter, you can get much Energy to make new searches.


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