Girls Around Me Pulled From App Store

Girls Around Me PulledI introduced you this strange application at this article: Girls Around Me. But creator of this application, Moscow based i-Free Innovations, pulled this application from Apple‘s App Store.

Girls Around Me application has been getting a big reaction for a few days. Beside this, Foursquare banned this application to use their data according to users’ complaints. This application was using Foursquare‘s and Facebook‘s APIs to get people’s location.

Does “Girls Around Me” Really Disturb?

Girls LocationThe system based on users’ location information. It searches people nearby of you thanks to GPS and lists the users around you. While getting this information, application uses Foursquare and Facebook services. It shows user’s photographs and other information. But Girls Around Me cannot show more than any content that you make unavailable on Facebook. So you have a control to show which content that you want to show about yourself.

A lot of Facebook users does not care their privacy settings. Their importance increases every day. Day by day, a lot of application you will use.

This application downloaded over 70 thousands people. Girls Around Me application becomes so popular. i-Free Innovations is serious about turning back to App Store in a short time.

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