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Useful Zooming Program for Educators: ZoomIt!

For all demonstrators, especially teachers, sometimes need to zoom some points on computer screen to make small details get bigger. But Windows’s zooming solution is sometimes hard to use and crops a big area of screen. I think also Microsoft is not happy with their solution, at their site another program suggested: ZoomIt

ASUS Reversed Webcam Solution

If you are using an old notebook or old devices, you may have problem with recent operating systems such as Windows 7 or Windows 8. Like you, I still use Asus F3J and all F3J users know, we have camera problem on new operating systems. Some of us cannot setup, others uses webcam but cannot

MKV Sound Problem on LG Televisions

One of the biggest LCD and LED producer all around the world, LG, has senseless support problem on Matroska videos. If you decide to download a movie from somewhere, you have to wait several hours according to filesize. After that, there would be a surprise. In general, MKV files have big filesize because people choose