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Virtual Piano

There are several “virtual pianos” on the web. Of course, there’s always one which is the best. The best Virtual Piano I have ever seen is CMAGICS’s Virtual Piano with its fresh design. Virtual Piano, made by Crystal Magic Studio, is a funny tool that you can experience playing a piano.

First Navigation Tool

During 1st and 2nd World War, humanity cannot hide his excite to invent new things even under the worst times. Some of them shed light on today’s indispensable tools. One of them is a kind of navigation tool. Today’s navigation tools works thanks to GPS technology. GPS means Global Positioning System uses 27 earthorbiting satellites.

Flying Girl: Natsumi Hayashi

Teenager Photographer Natsumi Hayashi, whose photos are really strange, lives in Tokyo. Everyone who looks photographs thinks that she’s really flying. She loves levitation on photographs. This extraordinary idea makes her popular on earth, especially in Japan. For each photo Natsumi Hayashi jumps, but to achieve the best one, she does it lots of times.