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This is Not an HDD!

The item on the left’s memory size is just 8 GB. Is this size too low for an HDD? You’re right but it’s not an HDD as you think. It’s a cute flash memory from infoThink which is Taiwanese storage device manufacturer. infoThink hasn’t released any alternative to this product. It’s planning to be sold

Sexy Advertisements From PC’s First Time

There are a lot of sales strategies that make a product more confident. One of them is, as everyone knows, “sex sells” strategy. Its meaning is to make something best seller, you can use the easiest way: sexuality. We are used to this strategy especially on automobile and motorcycle advertisements. Beautiful and hot girls presents

Old Computer Advertisements

To be Suggesso, I don’t know why I do like nostalgia, but I sometimes wonder old models of our modern life’s indispensable tools. Now, here is old computers ads. Old lookings of today’s computers’ have always been interesting to me. But especially 1998 and 1999’s are different than the others. I met the computers at

Nostalgic Restart Site: The Restart Page

Let’s make some nostalgia. Do you still remember your old computer’s boot operations from POST screen to your desktop? I discovered a good site to remind us most used operating system’s forgotten restart process. Of course it’s just a simulation. Do not expect this site to restart your computer.

Bring My Windows Start Menu Back!

With Windows 8, we say “Good bye” to Windows Start Menu. But if you’re not ready to leave this menu yet, say “Hello!” to Stardock’s Start8. With Start8 application, you can place your start menu at the left and bottom on your screen, as we used to. How to bring Windows Start Menu back for