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MKV Sound Problem on LG Televisions

One of the biggest LCD and LED producer all around the world, LG, has senseless support problem on Matroska videos. If you decide to download a movie from somewhere, you have to wait several hours according to filesize. After that, there would be a surprise. In general, MKV files have big filesize because people choose

Google Drive: Cloud Storage Service

Google announced its cloud storage service officially. From now on, there’s a powerful opponent in front of Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive and Box. With unpaid service of Google Drive, you get 5GB online storage area. If you want more area, by paying 2.49$ for month, you get 25GB storage area. There are more storage types on Google

The New iPad

Oops… New iPad’s name is neither iPad3 nor iPad HD. It’s simply “The New iPad“. I wrote an article about this. Everyone has an idea about iPad but no one achieved. How much does it cost? The New iPad’s price starts from 499$.

This is Not an HDD!

The item on the left’s memory size is just 8 GB. Is this size too low for an HDD? You’re right but it’s not an HDD as you think. It’s a cute flash memory from infoThink which is Taiwanese storage device manufacturer. infoThink hasn’t released any alternative to this product. It’s planning to be sold

Suitable Colors for Your Web Sites

If you are a web designer or design something like poster, brochure, etc. you guess about colors that you want to use mostly. Sometimes, we have difficulty in choosing colors and guess which color is suitable for other colors. I guess a long and that’s it! I found out a site for the people like

How to Take Screen Capture on Galaxy Gio?

Sometimes mobile phone users want to take a screenshot / screen capture on some running applications. Each mobile phone has different specifications and according to these, each mobile phone may have different key combinations. Even in some cases, on the same mobile phone but if the operating system was upgraded, key combinations may be changed.